Fairlings Delight's Black is Beautiful Collection- Lustrous Aluminum 53086

Fairlings Delight's Black is Beautiful Collection- Lustrous Aluminum 53086

SKU: 53086BBCLA9

Fairlings Delight's Black is Beautiful Collection- Lustrous Aluminum 53086BBCLA9


Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivering, thank you.


These designs are printed on High-quality Aluminum.  


Metal amplifies sharpness and brightness of the design or picture, a lustrous finish.  


Add new life to your wall with an aluminum picture that will make your wall pop!!!!.  


Sizes and Prices-
8X8 $50.00
12X12 $64.00




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Phone- 484-544-3484


E- mail-FairlingsDelight@aol.com


Please pay out to my Paypal account.

It's FairlingsDelight@aol.com


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It's www.venmo.com/u/Holly-Alston


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  • Why I started Fairlings Delight

    Hi I'm Holly, and welcome to *Fairlings Delight,

    I love to offer my treasured customers of all ages Fun, Unique Artwork, Photography, Designer Fashions, Home Fashions, Essentials Oils, and Personalized Gifts. **ALWAYS FREE SHIPPING **Please give up to 4-6 weeks for items to ship.** 

    What does *Fairling mean you ask?,  It's a Scottish word that means a small token or gift, like a trinket, ribbion, jewlery, to show your affection towards someone.

    I wanted to share something very personal to me, and why I started Fairlings Delight......

    On August 20, 2016, my oldest child committed Suicide.

    I needed to find another way to cope with dealing with the shock and depression of losing my son. My oldest son Terrell was such a gentle, kind, considerate, and compassionate person; but unfortunately he suffered greatly from Mental illness and Depression his whole life. My life would never be the same again. The sadness, the loss, the hole in my heart I thought would never mend. I couldn’t sleep, eat, and my brain would never stop dwelling over the lost of my son. I needed an outlet.

    I used to be an artist, and photographer, but I had put them on the back burner over the years. Then one day the thought of doing my art, and taking pictures again, might be just what I needed to do to help my pain and sorrow of the lost of my son. I also wanted to make Terrell proud of his Mommy and keep the memory of my son alive in some way.

    Everything I design and make, I add Terrell’s birthdate to each sku of the item, 53086.